LSR Order Management

Whether you’re an ILEC or a CLEC, an effective order management process is critical; it’s the only way to track the products and services ordered by your customers. Just as importantly, it’s an effective way to track the growth of your company and can provide data that’s useful from a marketing perspective.

If your company isn’t razor-focused on the order management process, and if your company isn’t processing orders with a sense of urgency, your customers and ultimately your business may suffer the consequences.

Our thorough analysis of your order management processes will allow you to determine the effectiveness of your current order procedures.

We will track the order:

  • From the point of origination
  • To provisioning
    • When the service is implemented
    • If the ordered service is provisioned
  • Through the bill system
    • If the ordered products/services are billed
    • If the proper rates are applied
  • To the customer’s bill

We’ll help you establish a documented process flow that requires validation of all orders prior to implementation, and results in the successful billing of products and services.

CSS can also assist you with the LSR process. Whether you’re generating or processing LSRs, we’ll confirm that the orders meet industry standards, and comply with FCC regulations relating to the local competitive environment. We’ll help you implement procedures that ensure you properly manage the provisioning process from start to finish.