Before you can determine the effectiveness of your End User billing process, you must first determine the accuracy of your billing and back office operations.

Audits are a core component of CSS’s palette. Our detailed audits allow us to examine all support processes associated with End User billing, from the inception of the order to the generation of the customer bill. We determine if these processes correctly identify products and services, and properly bill your customers.

Our End User Audit process:

  • Scrutinizes all of your billing information
  • Ensures that billed amounts are reflective of product ratesCompares billed rates to tariffed/published rates
  • Ensures that individual bills reflect ordered products and servicesStarts with the service order and ends with the customer bill
  • Includes a detailed summary of our findings and recommendations, where appropriate

While the audit process provides useful information to the provider, and is often the catalyst for corrective action, it’s also an important factor in determining your customers’ level of satisfaction with your service.