Operational Assessments

The provision of good customer service is the result of several factors. It encompasses attitude and behavior, product knowledge, and clearly defined job functions. In order to determine if you’re providing good customer service, you must first identify what your company’s processes and policies are, and then assess how your CSRs are performing.

Of course, your perception of how you’re responding may be quite different than that of your customers. CSS can help you grade your customer service operations by conducting a detailed Operational Assessment that incorporates on-site observations of your customer service operations, review of process documentation, and one-on-one discussions with your customer service personnel.

Through our on-site observations and review of your procedures, we can identify the positive aspects of your customer care processes, but also shine a light on any areas that need improvement.

Specifically, we:

  • Analyze a broad range of your CSRs’ skills sets
  • Gauge the CSRs’ knowledge of product/services and related pricing
  • Assess your CSRs’ relationship with their customers
  • Assess your Customer Service personnel’s ability to identify customer needs
  • Evaluate your CSRs’ ability to make product recommendations

Once our on-site assessment is complete, we provide a detailed written analysis compiling all of the information obtained from our review of documentation, our observations, and our discussions with personnel. This comprehensive report includes recommendations on how to effectively improve customer care processes, as well as how to reinforce the positive components of your customer service operation.