Bill validation is vital to an effective carrier access billing process because it protects against billing errors, and minimizes disputes. And all providers know how time consuming and frustrating the dispute process can be. The more important impact on your operation is the payment delays that result when carriers hold payments hostage pending the outcome of their disputes.

Companies want assurance that the access bills they’re generating are accurate; they also want assurance that all charges are appropriate and that all appropriate charges are billed. CSS has established bill validation processes that can give you those assurances.

We can work with you to ensure that:

  • Charges reflect the appropriate tariff or ICA rates
  • The appropriate carrier-specific jurisdictional factors are applied to usage
  • Usage levels are within normal parameters – and if not, identify the reason for any anomalies

Through its bill validation processes, CSS can help you avoid unnecessary disputes, and verify that your usage is properly managed all the way from the switch to the bill.