Audits and Reconciliation

Audits and reconciliation are essential components of the revenue assurance process. In order to ensure that you’re billing all appropriate charges, good reconciliation procedures are a must.

Whether switched access, special access or interconnection charges, CSS’s reconciliation procedures ensure that all usage is billed, and billed at the proper rates. Our processes look at every ordered product or minute-of-use, and verify that the billed amounts are correct.

Companies want to be assured that the access bills they’re generating are accurate, and they want to be assured that all charges are appropriate. CSS’s reconciliation and bill validation processes can give you those assurances.

Our Audit and Reconciliation processes will:

  • Verify usage from all vendors including Internet, cable, and wireless providers
  • Reconcile all usage from receipt, through mediation, to the bill
  • Verify minutes-of-use billed
  • Verify all interconnection, recurring and non-recurring charges
  • Verify usage for special services, such as 8xx
  • Reconcile inventory with billing
  • Ensure that you’re maximizing your access revenue stream
  • Provide a detailed assessment of our findings, and offer solutions where applicable

Importantly, we’ll also take the mystery out of so-called Phantom Traffic. The fact is, this elusive traffic can be tracked and identified. The first step in tackling this issue is to know where to start, and from our perspective, that’s working with a consulting firm whose niche is billing and access…Creative Support Solutions.

Our processes will:

  • Identify terminating traffic
  • Compare EMR/EMI to switch records
  • Provide detailed records to support the billing of newly-identified usage
  • Provide usage data related to wireless providers for negotiation purposes
  • Provide jurisdictional information
  • Generate client-specific reports